Eppendorf BioPhotometer Plus UV/VIS Photometer, 8″ W x ” D x 4″ H: Science Lab Photometers And Light Meters: : Industrial. With the BioPhotometer plus, Eppendorf offers a compact UV/Vis photometer for use in molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology. The photometer. Read independent reviews on BioPhotometer plus from Eppendorf on SelectScience.

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When purifying nucleic acid without a kit, additional contamination risks are posed by the chemicals used in the process, e.

Application Note — Detection of contamination in DNA and protein samples by photometric measurements. The molar mass is either entered directly or calculated by the device from the entered figure of the bases or base pairs per nucleic acid molecule. In the following cases the differences may be significant: Easy and intuitive sample processing. The disposable cuvettes can have 50 microliters volume.

Purity and homogeneity of the sample are important considerations for subsequent applications.

Operating manual A list of general device functions will open. Checking condition of delivery Set-up and initial operation Instruction of user Self test where applicable IQ Certificate. Routine pre-defined wavelengths are easily selectable, allowing for quick and simple programming. Key Function Oval blue keys, e.

Page 1 B Page 39 BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 9 Transport, storage and disposal 9 9. Electric shock as a result of penetration of liquid. Machine works by lasers, therefore does not need to warm up in order to function. BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 6 Parameter and functions 6. BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 4 Installation 4 4.


Sample dilutions can also be included in the evaluation. The current version can be found on our website, www. Connect the printer cable to the serial printer port 4 of the photometer and tighten the locking screws.

Why request a quote through SelectScience? Thus, the two display formats complement each other perfectly to allow for an evaluation of the quality of a DNA sample. Universitat Konstanz Ease of use 5 out of 5 After sales service 4 out of 5 Value for money 3 out of 5 Rating: Easy closing for easy handling. In general, the purity of a DNA solution is easily defined using purity ratios.

It is highly reliable. Eppendorf semi-micro Vis Cuvetteplastic cuvette for measurements in the Vis range, max. Compatible consumables are relatively inexpensive.

Eppendorf BioPhotometer® D30 – Instruments, Detection – Eppendorf

Since water and buffer have different properties, the absorbance of the sample being measured will be affected by this disparity. Eppensorf of Pluss Ease of use 5 out of 5 After sales service 5 out of 5 Value for money 5 out of 5 Rating: North Description Pluw The photometer provides instant, out-of-the-box access to 32 routine methods, of which 9 methods are freely programmable, e. Tell us about it. RNA and valuable samples Deep-lying optical window prevents scratches Tapered cuvette base for optimal filling, frosted grip for labeling Ideal for use in the Eppendorf BioPhotometer and Eppendorf BioSpectrometer, adapters available for use with other common spectrophotometers Routine pack for convenient access to each UVette and safe storage in a reclosable box.


Measurements with suspensions of E.

Slide the biophotometef shaft cover forward to protect the shaft against contamination. Starting with an ergonomic design of the product itself e. Forgot password or username? Page 31 BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 6 Parameter and functions 6. Save time Submit your details once and make multiple inquiries. Page 17 BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 5 Operation 5. BioPhotometer plus Manufacturer Eppendorf.

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BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 2 Product description The BioPhotometer plus converts the measured absorbance values into concentration results. Our website does not support your outdated browser version. Product News Would you like more? The flag is only for information. The following values represent a pure DNA sample: For calculating the FOI you can select between 2 units in the method parameters: It is possible that reduced purity may be attributed to the fact that the sample is solubilized in water instead of in buffer.

The device may only be operated by trained specialist staff.