This set of exemplars illustrates the use of the e-asTTle marking rubric to score writing across the writing prompts. The exemplars cover the full scoring range. asTTle Writing Rubric in Student Speak. Created by Clevedon School from asTTle Writing Rubrics. Last updated: Ideas. Learning Intention. The e asTTle framework for assessing writing. Developing the prompts, marking rubric, and annotated exemplars. Extending the usefulness.

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The exemplars cover the full scoring range, and the full range of skill development, for each element of writing. One purpose is to show progress over asttls and this could be done in a variety of ways. Home Contact e-asTTle Disclaimer.

e-asTTle writing tool (revised)

Home Frequently asked questions e-asTTle writing. Moving from say a R2 to a R3 will involve a large shift in the associated curriculum level. These exemplars can be used to check interpretation of individual categories for example, category R2 in spelling, or category R4 in ideas.

The Describe purpose is divided into two: Writing well Writing on familiar topics is very important at early stages of learning to write in English. The generic exemplars can be used to check interpretation of individual categories for example, category R2 in spelling, or category R4 in ideas.

The difficulty of the prompt you made up will not be known, and you will not get accurate curriculum level information. Although each prompt specifies a purpose, the marking rubric accommodates the use of multiple purposes. With well moderated scoring and proper administration e-asTTle writing has the capacity to put students into about six or seven statistically distinct bands of achievement.

If you have a question you would like added, please email us here. As extra support for teachers, the specific exemplars have been consolidated here into one document per writing purpose.

Search all of TKI. In order for the e-asTTle application to calculate a scale score for a student, each element must be scored against the rubric.

Writing: Moderation and things to consider | e-asTTle Help

Students who score in the lowest category for every element assessed by e-asTTle writing all R1s are not well targeted by the assessment. For students unable to do this, another assessment tool should be used. The range of scores is within curriculum level expectations although increasingly fewer students in Years 7 to 10 performed at or above the curriculum levels expected astle their year levels.


For example, when scoring the vocabulary element, the focus is on the range, precision and effectiveness of words, rather matfix on the accuracy of spelling. Rubric scores and curriculum levels are distinctly different things. These curriculum bands can impress a sense of precision that isn’t there and mean we have to be very aware of the margin of error in an e-asTTle score when interpreting or comparing them.

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The prompts have been designed to stimulate continuous text on topics that are accessible to students, which provides opportunities for individual interpretation. Yes, teachers should make sure students understand the prompt fully. These are available for matrid after creating a test. Teachers can use the table to convert an e-asTTle rubric score to an e-asTTle writing scale score an aWs score and curriculum level descriptor. Scores from the previous rubric will not be able to be entered when the new application goes live.

More Current and recent projects Evaluation Associates works on a wide range of projects in collaboration with clients and partners. This means that a student who has been assessed by e-asTTle Writing to be working at a particular curriculum level will not necessarily have produced a piece wriring writing that looks exactly like a National Standards exemplar.

Together, the marking rubric, the structure and language notes and the annotated exemplars provide the means by which consistent scoring judgments can be made. This wwriting the most current and correct version of astyle conversion table and replaces an incorrect version dated “November 14”.

This would include general vocabulary and topic-specific vocabulary. The reporting system in the e-asTTle tool is built on a system that uses many more bands than this and which are linked to curriculum levels.

Please click on the links below. Category R3 does not translate to curriculum level 3! Open the double-sided, katrix page for the writing matrix in your booklet which is colour-coded for each stage. The generic exemplars cover the full range of abilities, but may not necessarily use the same purpose or prompt.


However, do not put any scored results for your prompts into e-asTTle! Mary Chamberlain Company Director.

Teachers can find many resources to assist them with marking e-asTTle writing. Attle moderation of scoring decisions is necessary to ensure that scoring is consistent and accurate over time. Together, the rubric, the exemplars and the annotations enable consistent marking matrkx to be made. The Ministry will provide information to assist in score comparisons. An e-asTTle Writing assessment provides a snapshot of what a student can achieve by themselves under standardised conditions. The exercise defined an appropriate score range on an e-asTTle assessment for each level of writing competence described by the progressions.

We offer them to schools to support their professional learning and development. The conversion table should be used only when a non-standardised form of writing assessment is undertaken.

Each annotated exemplar has been scored using the marking rubric. The curriculum levels are not used as part of the marking. Responsive Theme powered by WordPress. The revised writing tool assesses writing across five purposes. The curriculum scores are a reference point, which link the test performance with the performance level that might reasonably be expected from someone working at that level.

Quick links Improving teacher practice Find out about how you can accelerate student achievement by improving teacher practice in assessment for learning.

Matrices, templates and review tools Evaluation Associates consultants are skilled in supporting you to use a range of up-to-date resources, rubrics and self-review tools. There are 20 prompts that cover the five writing purposes. Home Resources Matrices, templates and review tools.