The Bundestag Elections and the Transformation of the German Party System ARD Deutschland-Trend. ARD/ZDF Online-Studie ; available at . Springer-Verlag: , ARD/ZDF. ARD/ZDF-Onlinestudie , Retrieved /04/30, from K. Asp, F. Badiee . CDU/CSU, FDP (): Wachstum, Bildung, Zusammenhalt. Koalitionsvertrag zwi- Ergebnisse der ARD/ZDF-Onlinestudie In: Media Perspektiven 7.

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The platform offers extensive information for patients with alcohol-related disorders, their relatives, physicians and other experts working with this patient population.

Towards an African Journalism Model: Results indicated that children who had better executive functioning abilities were more likely to control the mouse. Conclusions One onlinestufie the most important starting points to increase the use of online CME might be to offer physicians the possibility to gain experience with such systems.

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Perceived knowledge and concern over global warming also predicted future information seeking about the polar regions. Representations of foster care in the Australian news media. Published online Aug The main problems do not concern technology, but rather the quality assessment of such offers and the problem of not knowing where to find them.

The implications for long term effects and the possible role of social learning are analyzed in the discussion. The randomly selected non-responders for a telephone survey made up A set of guidelines, an e-learning tool and a documentation system are available on the site.

E-Learning has proven to be effective in several studies [ 2 ], [ 3 ], [ 4 ], offers many opportunities for illustration and the great advantage of flexibility of time and place — and its dissemination has to be assumed to increase rapidly in the future.


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Therefore, GPs in Germany seem to be — technologically and personally — ready for the use of online offers. First, the proposed assumptions regarding the influence of browsing and searching tasks cannot be supported: Coviewing in an Italian Classroom: Peirce, the founder of pragmatism and the father of one of the major strands of modern semiotics, is often ignored by communication scholars sympathetic to pragmatism.

By describing how the cylinders are imbued with meaning through the concerns of manufactures, archivists, internet users and collectors, this article proves that processes concerned with the objectification of sound are motivated by specific social and technological desires motivated by nostalgia for an imagined sound fidelity. Establishing a Multi-ethnic Imagined Community?: It reports on the challenges faced in a pilot study to preserve locally written game software for the Sega SC computer.

General practitioners and online continuing medical education – which factors influence its use?

In addition, there onlienstudie two significant interaction terms between the news exposure measures and aard in predicting social capital. Introduction There is an increasing trend for developing e-learning modules for general medical training and continuing education CME. Using ethnographic narrative excavation, qualitative content analysis, and fantasy theme analysis, I explored resistance in testimonial narratives presented in Zapatista communities, as well as the rhetorical vision used by activists to make sense of such resistance.

However, the current survey suggests that the intention to recommend is highly influenced by content, but not as much by website facets like usability and aesthetics. Produktionsprozesse, Innovationsmanagement und Timing-Strategien. Due to the exploratory character of the study, multiple testing based alpha error inflation was not corrected. First, the association between newspaper exposure and social capital is more positive for Whites than Latinos.


Finally, we outline a research agenda to investigate issues of internal and external validity, mode of message arv, differences between marketing and message strategies, and behavioral 20009.

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Technology and Social Sensibility in South Korea: Learning Political Information From the News. Internationally, the broad trend toward concentration in newspaper markets has been of concern to policy makers, and the Swedish model has attracted considerable interest as a possible path to a more heterogeneous media landscape. The Middle East in American Media: Although several online continuing medical education CME offers exist, the utilization of these by physicians is still low. Zur Vergewisserung der Dogmatik der Rundfunkfreiheit.

A model that traces the influence of motivational factors on following news about general public affairs is proposed. In the first funding period of the project, a comprehensive quality management CQM system for primary care was developed and its effects on the detection and treatment of alcohol-related disorders were investigated in a randomized controlled pre-post design.

For professionals, this may lead to important conclusions that contrast intuition.