ARD. Digital Processing. Communications Receiver. Operating manual. AOR, LTD. AOR and the AOR logo are trademarks of AOR, LTD. All other. ARD. 40kHzGHz, Professional Grade Communications Receiver. Cellular frequencies blocked on USA version; unblocked version available to. Find great deals for AOR ARD Wideband Communications Receiver. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I would love to own an AOR-One but the wife has put her foot down. I’m sure their engineering staff has the capability. Although the manual states at5001d 3 KHZ is automatically assigned to SSB modes to eliminate interference, simply switching to 6KHZ can give you a more satisfactory sounding signal if there is little or no interference to block. Status Not open for further replies.

Just want to point out one more time as i did in another thread that the AR does not scan xr5001d to a firmware or software bug. AOR is like a lot of electronics manufactures, they need to continue to come up with new models every 6 months or so.


I think I’m going to give the AOR a shot. I think it ar50001d QST magazine that said the was the best receiver they had ever tested.

Am Ar50001d missing something? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If you enjoy searching for activity in depth these receivers are among the best you can get. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.


I created this ar501d to help others struggling through the manual of the ARD. Page 66 I use ar5001x more often than the R because it is quieter no fans and has a wider IF. There are many different idiosyncrasies between those top end receivers, but they definitely pull their weight – both of them. The number of keypad functions is endless but you won’t learn the radio in a day or two. It will search but not scan.

AOR AR5001D Wideband Communications Receiver

This is not a blog, obviously, but if you have something useful to add or see something that is incorrect, please let me know and I will check it out.

Press the [FUNC] key, and press the [8] key to activate the alarm function which automatically turns on the receiver at the preprogrammed time or sound a beep. The process to save a displayed VFO frequency to memory is as follows: Leave ar5001f off for ap proximately 10 seconds. Ar501d off air performance using almost any antenna outperforms anything I have ever owned. Operating anomalies Should the ARD appear to behave strangely, normal op erations may be easily achieved by performing the following steps: What’s new New posts New media Aoe media comments Latest activity.


What should be included in that section is: ENT — This key is used to confirm entry in most menus. I’m wondering why this new AOR receiver commands such a high price? The input signal to the I’m waiting for the price of the D to drop before I shell out thousands of dollars. Front Panel USB 2. Use the main dial knob to select the desired memory channel number, sub dial for memory bank to store into memory.

AOR ARD spectrum analyzer has been added to the list of supported devices – RadioInspector

The seems almost like test equipment and the AOR line looks like something stuck in a shed in some remote hilltop location and remotely controlled from Langley, VA or some embassy somewhere.

Joined Dec 26, Messages This IF output signal may be suitab le as an RF front end for radio signal analysis applications. There’s nothing like compitition to lower prices. The ARD will automatically select the receive mode, IF bandwidth, and frequency step from the pre-programmed band plan.

Press this key to select the receive mode.